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iOS App Submitted, Many Bugs Crushed

Dear Reader, Here’s the executive summary of the last 2 weeks A version of the iOS app has been submitted to Apple for their review. Found a bad hardware bug, fixed it with firmware (see below) Found and fixed a variety of sticky firmware bugs iOS App The iOS app has been submitted to Apple […]

Update and Quick Demo

Dear Reader, Last time I wrote I signed off by worrying that the mobile apps would take a long time.  Sure enough, app development has been a crawl. iOS App Update I think the iOS app is just about release-ready.  It’s lacking bells and whistles, but core functionality comes first.  Here’s a quick video. Though […]

Manufacturing Updates

Dear Reader, The last week, like the week before it, was a combination of manufacturing and app development.  It’s pretty clear now that getting the mobile apps finished and in the Apple App Store/Google Play Store will be tasks driving the schedule.  Unfortunately the Mooshimeter is not useful without a mobile app to talk to […]

The Pareto Principle in Action

Dear Reader, Sorry for the lack of updates in the past few weeks.  The meters are in progress.  Two of the big items I’ve been working on are two that had accumulated a lot of technical debt, because they are necessary for release but were not necessary for regulatory compliance or demonstrations. 1.  Bootloading and […]

Electronics and Enclosures in house

Dear Reader, Quick update: All the hardware to fulfill the Dragon Innovation campaign is in house!  The enclosures actually arrived a week ago, but it’s been extremely busy and I haven’t had time to post. There’s still a lot of work to do.  This is the high level checklist of the hardware side: Program electronics […]

Subtleties of Injection Molding

Dear Reader, There will be a few back to back updates here, there’s been a lot happening in a short span of time. Shortly after our last update I noticed an issue with the enclosures I had received.  These were the first enclosures to come out of the new mold, our CM made a few […]

Test Leads and Carrying Cases

Hi Reader, Today the test leads, alligator clips and carrying cases all arrived.  It’s about 1000 pounds (450kg) of freight.  It’s the biggest shipment of anything we’ve received so far.   In our last post about the cases we remarked that the test leads did not quite fit the stock cases from the manufacturer.  Our […]

Injection Molding Progress

Dear Reader, Our injection molding subcontractor has finished the molds for the Mooshimeter enclosures and has shot the first samples.  The mold is steel and should be good for many thousands of shots, which is good because we plan on continuing to sell Mooshimeters after we’ve fulfilled the crowdfunding pre-orders (tell your friends!). They produced […]

Safety Improvements

Dear Reader, The regulatory process has taken about 3 months longer than we budgeted for, and that is a disappointment to say the least. In this post I’ll go over some of the obstacles we encountered, the design changes we made and the resulting improvements in safety performance. Screw Boss Enhancements One of the safety […]

Test Leads, Alligator Clips

Dear Reader, We’re working on sourcing all the bits and bobs that go around the Mooshimeter.  Eric posted about the case samples earlier.  Test lead samples have also come in.  These are CATIII 1000V 20A rated.  The insulation is PVC and quite soft.  The build quality is solid and the strain relief on the cables […]