Mooshimeter <-> Tessel

Dear Reader,

We’ve been talking to our friends at Technical Machine about the possibilities of integrating the Mooshimeter with their flagship product, the Tessel.

The Tessel is “Hardware for the Web” – it’s an ARM Cortex M3 with a wifi connection (through a CC3000) and expansion slots for a wide variety of sensor modules.  The best part: the Tessel team has put a lot of work in to making the whole thing Node.js compatible and programmable through Javascript, so web developers can dive right in to the world of hardware hacking.

The Tessel’s analog IO capabilities are targeted at low voltage DC applications: 10 bits, 3.3V range, not isolated.  By talking to a Mooshimeter through the Bluetooth Low Energy connection, the Tessel gains isolated analog inputs of up to 600V, up to 10A and up to 24bit resolution.  And by talking through a Tessel, the Mooshimeter effectively becomes an internet accessible multimeter.

Coupled with the long battery life of the Mooshimeter, and the fact that the Tessel can read multiple meters simultaneously*, the remote monitoring possibilities are really exciting.

We already know the Technical Machine team quite well and have worked with some of them in the past on different projects.  So we’re pumped to collaborate and expand the utility of both our products.  We’ll keep you up to date on the integration as it happens, probably in February after the Mooshimeter campaign ends.

*The Technical Machine folks are still developing their BLE module, but almost all BLE masters support multiple connections so this is a pretty safe bet.


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