Why the Multimeter?

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Why reinvent the multimeter?

In using our multimeters every day we realized many of the limitations we took for granted no longer made sense.  Our multimeters have stayed the same while the world changed around them.

Phones have changed radically

Phones are unrecognizable.

General purpose multimeters are slightly more capable and a lot more safe, but basically the same

General purpose multimeters are slightly more capable and a lot more safe, but mostly the same.

I’ve often found myself using multiple meters, borrowing a friend to flip switches while I watched a reading, making sketchy extension cords to take readings in hard to reach places… the list goes on.

This is 2014!  I have the entirety of human knowledge in a magic pocket rectangle!  Why does my multimeter and display only a single voltage with the grace of a 1970s alarm clock?


Beep beep. Time to reinvent the multimeter.


So we set out to create the next generation of multimeter, taking advantage of all the new technologies users carry with them.  If I were to frame this in a larger sense, we’re trying to overcome our preconceptions of the multimeter and in doing so eliminate many of the limitations we take for granted.  That’s part of the meaning of Mooshim (무심 – empty mind): freedom from preconception, openness to new possibilities and ways of thought.

The Campaign so far

We’ve raised over 90% of our threshold in a week!  Thank you so much to all our backers.  A good product doesn’t just speak for itself though, so we’re trying to step up our media savvy.  A big thank you to those who have covered us so far:

We’re not taking off our engineer hats, but we’re putting on our marketing neckties because that’s what the campaign needs right now.  Follow us on Twitter or Facebook, spread the word, and thank you for sharing the dream of a multimeter that just makes sense!

2 Responses to “Why the Multimeter?”

  1. Linden Hall October 23, 2014 at 1:52 am #

    This is great but perhaps it could be greater. Any chance this could do K leads to read and log temperature remotely ?

    • James October 23, 2014 at 5:05 pm #

      Yes, the input jacks are spaced to accept a standard temp-probe -> double banana adapter. Like this.

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