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Campaign By Numbers

One of the fun parts of this campaign was watching the back-end analytics.  I want to share some of the interesting moments and numbers with you. The Launch The first few days had three distinct waves of traffic: Friends and Family drived a healthy start, and within 10 hours of launch we had raised 10k […]


New Lanyard Loop and Enclosure Cleanup

Hello Reader, As our funding campaign is drawing to a close, we finally have a little more time to start polishing up our betas as we get ready for regulatory testing and mass manufacturing. I implemented some of the suggestions that have been coming in both from our friends at Dragon Innovation and from our […]


Quick Solar Panel Demo

Dear Reader, Far too often I’ve seen solar enthusiasts struggling with two-meter setups to try and calculate the true power output of their solar panels. Switching back and forth between two meters as clouds and trees occlude the panel makes getting a good reading very difficult! So here’s a quick demo of how easy the […]