Campaign By Numbers

One of the fun parts of this campaign was watching the back-end analytics.  I want to share some of the interesting moments and numbers with you.

The Launch

The first few days had three distinct waves of traffic:

Visitors to per hour during launch

Friends and Family drived a healthy start, and within 10 hours of launch we had raised 10k – 20% of our original goal! drove a second wave of traffic, and for a few hours a majority of our visitors were German-speaking.  Brian Benchoff’s article on Hack-A-Day dwarfed the previous two, and peaked at over 600 visitors per hour.

Before Brian’s article we had raised 20k in 22 hours.  This jumped another 5k in the 5 hours after, and put us on a trajectory to hit 80% within the first 5 day work week – Well beyond our most optimistic projections.

Full Trajectory

Here is the minute-by-minute detail view of the full campaign trajectory:

dragonscales mooshimeter

Here it is per day:



Here is the geographic breakdown of backers by country:


Over a third are international, primarily in Europe.


The campaign video is just over 2 minutes long and was watched for a total of over 404 hours, or just over two weeks straight.  Below is a graph of viewer engagement over the course of the video.  The blue section is initial views, the thin red section shows how often folk re-watched a segment.

Thanks again to Kevin Tostado for his video prowess and his patience!


Really I just wanted to share some neat graphs, hopefully it could help other crowdfunders out there!

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