New Lanyard Loop and Enclosure Cleanup

Hello Reader,

As our funding campaign is drawing to a close, we finally have a little more time to start polishing up our betas as we get ready for regulatory testing and mass manufacturing. I implemented some of the suggestions that have been coming in both from our friends at Dragon Innovation and from our backers.

The enclosure now has a lanyard loop

By popular demand, the new lanyard loop will make it easier to attach the Mooshimeter to yourself or your project.

The screws are shorter and the board is better supported

Before: Long screws pull the whole enclosure together around the board.  Overtightening flexes the enclosure.

After: Plastic bosses on the top and bottom meet through the board and provide a much firmer stop to screw insertion.


Many features have been optimized for injection molding

To design an injection molded part well, the designer must think both in terms of the positive (the part) and the negative (the mold).  On our earlier versions of the enclosure, we glossed over features that would make for a very ugly mold because we knew our prototypes would be 3d printed.  I’ve gone over them again and fixed up some of the details.

Before: Here I highlighted the most extreme example of a sharp angle where an isolation fin meets a rib.  In the mold, this forms a knife edge.

After: Here the rib has been bent out to relieve the knife edge.  The isolation fin has also been made shorter, since it was unnecessarily tall and was driving the height of the mold.


What’s in the pipe

The connector section is being cleaned up, both to make the mold simpler and to make assembly and disassembly by the user easier.  We’re also considering adding grooves to the outside to accommodate zip-ties for even easier attachment to your project.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments.  Thanks for reading.

One Response to “New Lanyard Loop and Enclosure Cleanup”

  1. Amelia February 18, 2014 at 4:32 pm #

    This is fantastic, James! I am so impressed. I’m sure you have learned so much.

    So what’s the backer’s minimum investment?

    Hope for great things from you and for you!

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