Archive | March, 2014

RevF Hardware Bringup Report

Dear Reader, Here are some of the things that have happened in the last two weeks. New Enclosure Prototypes Custom connector mechanical samples On Revision E, which was in our promo video, the connectors were hand-cut out of brass tubing and soldered directly to the circuit board.  This is a point of concern for manufacturability […]

RevF Assembly Pictures

Hi Reader, Just wanted to share some pictures of the assembly process for the RevF prototypes. All previous revisions have been assembled by hand with either a soldering iron or a paste dispenser.  I swear by my Weller WES51 iron, but my paste dispenser tends to make a mess of all the finer pitch ICs […]

Revision F Prototype updates

Dear Reader – Here are some more updates about the Revision F (6th generation) prototype designs.  These are the designs we’ll be pushing through the various regulatory processes that will allow us to manufacture and ship the Mooshimeter. SD Card and Reset Button Access On previous versions of the meter, the SD card has been […]

More retention features on enclosure

Hello Reader, Here’s another good idea from our backers – adding retention grooves to make strapping the meter to structures easier. So here are 4 notches appropriately sized for zip ties. Now you can more securely strap your Mooshimeter to just about anything! We’ll be 3D printing a few to get a feel for the […]