A Contest and a Story

Win a Free Mooshimeter!

After the adventure in home repair (below), I’ve been interested in finding new ways to use the Mooshimeter around the house.  Will you find a new way to improve on a classic home repair?  Or, will you shave precious moments off of your chore list?  Tell us  how you will use it at home and you could win a free Mooshimeter!

The rules are really simple:

  1. Tweet us @HelloMooshim how you will use your Mooshimeter around the house.
  2. We’ll pick one and send you a free Mooshimeter.
  3. No fine print.

Thats it!

A Story

I live in Boston in a house built somewhere around 1880 – Roughly the same time that the “War of Currents” was being waged to determine whether we’d use AC or DC to power our homes.  The house is still plumbed for gas lights, and even has the remnants of a pre-electricity “intercom” system made out of pipes.  Wiring the house happened many years after it was built, and requires frequent love and attention.

We recently replaced some of the old cloth-wrapped wires from the knob and tube era with more modern wiring.  This involves a lot of simple (“hot or not” and “this to that”) but annoying measurements that involve running back and forth between several places, exacerbated by plentiful but incorrect labels:

  1. The breaker panel in the basement
  2.  The local distribution point on the 3rd floor
  3. The individual outlets and light fixtures in various rooms

I saved myself a bunch of shouting and running when I realized that I had a pair of Mooshimeters in my pocket – They are tiny, and they effectively let me be in 3 places at once.  I could see when I had found the right breaker / switch / wire combination from the comfort of the stepladder, and soon we again had all the conveniences of modern living.

Tell us your story (“rules” above), and we’ll send a lucky winner a free Mooshimeter when we ship our first batch!

4 Responses to “A Contest and a Story”

  1. Juergen May 27, 2014 at 4:33 am #

    Hi Eric,

    this one is against the rules. I have not twitter account… I hope it counts anyway….

    I’d like to use my meter as a wireless level indicator for the battery of my e-bike. It requires all 3 inputs at once. V and A are obvious for the currently drained power over time (Wh). The neat thing is the third input: the resistance one. I plan to connect a reed sensor to it so that I can sense the rotations of the wheel. That way I can determine and log (!!) the power consumption over the distance (W/km or W/mile). Currently, no other available hardware is able to measure this!

    Can’t wait to get my hands on your device.
    Greetinx from Germany

  2. Jean June 3, 2014 at 11:39 am #

    I used to work for a large computer company and one of my specialties was equipment power sources. I could use Dranetz and BMI power analysers to find intermittent problems, since I retired, I had many occasions where I could use a logging analyser to find elusive equipment failures, the Mooshimeter is the answer to my dreams of having my own analyser. It is even better than the old ones I used to work with because it is smaller, does not need an external power source and it is not limited to AC power analysis. One example of a problem that took me months to find comes to mind. My daughter has a restaurant and the fryer would sometimes shut down, I finaly traced it down to a safety thermostat, but just connecting a Mooshimeter to the control valve that works on less than one volt could have given me an indication of the source of the problem, no other known analyser would do as well.

  3. Armando June 13, 2014 at 12:03 pm #

    …I am also anti- twitter I say my application here!
    I work for huge international company leader in meccatronic integration in the automotive engineering… I was looking to give to each member of my stwaff a meaurement kit…flexible chip and portable…. I found here the complete kit in one device!!

    I will also use the device at home…for several application… For example… Log the stamping out of my house keeper when I am out of city…or log the noisy and uncontrolled nightly starting of the water pumping system of my neighbor…useful to have evidence and claim ;-)

    Saluti dall’Italia


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