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We’ve had a few exciting months since the campaign closed, and we’d like to share several pieces of happy news with you all.

Mooshimeter is Emissions and Immunity Compliant

We’ve been working with a compliance test lab in New Hampshire (Compliance Worldwide) to test the Mooshimeter to all of the legal standards required in the United States and Canada.  We have passed all of our emissions and immunity tests, as well as the associated ESD tests.
The two remaining standards we are testing to are 61010-1 and 61010-2-030.  The Mooshimeters are headed to a TUV compliance lab for this testing now. We take safety very seriously, and we stand by our CAT III rating.
More detail is available on the blog.

We’re headed to South Dakota

We’re now ready to publicly share that our PCB manufacturing and assembly will be done by the good people of Sencore in Sioux Falls South Dakota.  They have extensive experience in manufacturing multimeters and other test equipment, and we are excited to be working with them.  We have components on order and are ready to pull the manufacturing trigger as soon as the compliance folk give the final thumbs up.

The Cases are Beautiful

We have first article cases in from the 85k stretch goal, photos are here.
Let us know what color you prefer!

Win a Free Meter

The best part of the campaign was all the feedback and stories you sent us.  To be honest, I miss it!
So, we put together a quick contest / raffle to pull more of these great stories from you.  Details are here.
TLDR; Send us a tweet about how you’ll use Mooshimeter around the house, win a free Mooshimeter.


Presales are going well – thank you for your continued support!
We just added a 3 pack for presale with a 60$ discount.  This is perfect for those of you who work with 3 phase power distribution, multi-site datalogging, or folks who just like a deal.
Check it out on the front page of


As before, we value your time and email inboxes.  Email updates like this will continue to be relatively infrequent.  Follow us on our blog, email us at, tweet us @HelloMooshim, or Facebook us for the full firehose of updates.

~ Mooshim Engineering

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