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Housing Dielectric Test Setup

Testing Completed for 61010-1 and 61010-2-030

Yesterday we performed the final set of tests for the Mooshimeter for 61010-1 and 61010-2-030 compliance.  The modified housing passed as a CAT III 600V device, and now it is (hopefully) just paperwork from here forward.  I want to share a little about this part of the Mooshimeter’s journey, as it is the largest unforseen […]


Safety Improvements

Dear Reader, The regulatory process has taken about 3 months longer than we budgeted for, and that is a disappointment to say the least. In this post I’ll go over some of the obstacles we encountered, the design changes we made and the resulting improvements in safety performance. Screw Boss Enhancements One of the safety […]

Contest Update

Please help me in congratulating the winner of our Mooshimeter@Home contest – @evan_arm!  Evan, we’ll ship your bonus meter with the one you already pre-ordered during our Dragon campaign. I had fun reading the entries.  I’m glad to have such a wide background in our backer community, and to be able to draw from all […]


Bad News

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but we ran into a problem. When I announced that we passed our electrical tests, I spoke too soon.  On closer read of the 61010-2-030 spec we discovered that one of the tests had been run incorrectly.  Under the new conditions, it no longer passes.  Here […]

Housing Dielectric Fish

Compliance Update: All Electrical Tests Passed!

I spent Monday at the local TUV testing facility, watching the experts put the Mooshimeter through its paces for safety.  The Mooshimeter has passed its electrical  tests from the 61010-1 and 61010-2-030 safety standards!  Full compliance is just around the corner, and these results let us release several key aspects to manufacturing. I want to […]