Contest Update

Please help me in congratulating the winner of our Mooshimeter@Home contest – @evan_arm!  Evan, we’ll ship your bonus meter with the one you already pre-ordered during our Dragon campaign.

I had fun reading the entries.  I’m glad to have such a wide background in our backer community, and to be able to draw from all of your experiences.  Thank You!

Here are some of the entries, so you can see what other folk are up to:

From Twitter:

@HelloMooshim I will use my mooshim to detect problems on the security systems of the gear train, the subway in Milano!

.@HelloMooshim I’ll use my Mooshimeter to measure the current draw and voltage sag on my @adafruit SpokePOV lights on my bike.

Hanging out for my Mooshimeter so I can monitor the caravan solar panel without sticking my head in in the battery box

@HelloMooshim – I would utilize my meter at home during my local mentoring sessions of our local high school students in Electronics.

Trying to win a second Mooshimeter from @HelloMooshim. I would use the free one in my Mac G3 soldering station.

@HelloMooshim I mentor a FRC robotics team. Looking forward to monitoring voltage and current wirelessly during our build season!

@HelloMooshim Looking forward to using a Mooshimeter to watch the voltage of the Honda insight hybrid pack I’m rebuilding.

. @HelloMooshim I plan to use my Mooshimeter to monitor battery voltage and current on our robots.

@HelloMooshim I’d use my #mooshimeter to measure outlets on/off while I flip breakers so I don’t have to run back & forth & see :)


 By Other Means:

I’d like to use my meter as a wireless level indicator for the battery of my e-bike. It requires all 3 inputs at once. V and A are obvious for the currently drained power over time (Wh). The neat thing is the third input: the resistance one. I plan to connect a reed sensor to it so that I can sense the rotations of the wheel. That way I can determine and log (!!) the power consumption over the distance (W/km or W/mile). Currently, no other available hardware is able to measure this!

I used to work for a large computer company and one of my specialties was equipment power sources. I could use Dranetz and BMI power analysers to find intermittent problems, since I retired, I had many occasions where I could use a logging analyser to find elusive equipment failures, the Mooshimeter is the answer to my dreams of having my own analyser. It is even better than the old ones I used to work with because it is smaller, does not need an external power source and it is not limited to AC power analysis. One example of a problem that took me months to find comes to mind. My daughter has a restaurant and the fryer would sometimes shut down, I finaly traced it down to a safety thermostat, but just connecting a Mooshimeter to the control valve that works on less than one volt could have given me an indication of the source of the problem, no other known analyser would do as well.

I will also use the device at home…for several application… For example… Log the stamping out of my house keeper when I am out of city…or log the noisy and uncontrolled nightly starting of the water pumping system of my neighbor…useful to have evidence and claim ;-)




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  1. Evan Murphy July 26, 2014 at 2:37 pm #

    Hey, that’s me! Awesome! I’m absolutely, totally sure that I will end up in situations where I will need two Mooshimeters at once – possibly because I’m pretty sure I’ll be loaning one out to friends pretty often :)

    Thanks, guys! I’ll have some pictures and reports about the SpokePOV lights up when I can in the next couple weeks, and I’ll be sure to pass them along.

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