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The Bad News

As we announced on our blog, the Mooshimeter ship schedule is being pushed back.  We are still verifying the full schedule impact of these changes, but our current best estimate is a two month delay to October.

Also, as announced, the slot for easy access to the SD card is being closed.  This increases the Mooshimeter’s housing dielectric withstand rating, but unfortunately comes at the cost of convenience.  More details on the changes are here.

The Good News

As of this morning, we’ve successfully completed all safety testing; Expect to see a full report tomorrow on the blog (EDIT: Report published here). The updated Mooshimeter design has passed all relevant tests in 61010-1 and 61010-2-030. The test reports and documentation are being compiled and sent for final review.

This also means that the manufacturing processes that were put on hold due to the test failure are resuming.

The Other News

I’d also like to take this opportunity to re-congratulate @Evan_Arm for winning our Mooshimeter@Home contest!  Can’t wait to see your project!


We appreciate your patience and support through this process.  Safety is our first priority, and we deeply regret the inconvenience and delay.

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