Android Beta Update

Hi Reader,

Comments have been pouring in from the beta testers.  Thank you for the testing you’ve done so far, it really does set the priorities here.  A new Android beta release, with a new bundled firmware version, is available here.

Firmware changes:

  1. Log entries are now spaced at the selected logging interval
    1. Before, the logging interval referred to a “sleep time” between sampling cycles.  Sampling can take anywhere from 0-2 seconds depending on settings, a 1 second logging interval might product a log with 2.4 seconds between the logging entries.  This naturally confused many users.
    2. Now the firmware compensates for sampling time and logging interval will control the time between log entries.  If you set a 10 second logging interval, the log entries will be 10 seconds apart.
  2. Fixed a bug causing nonsense readings in the log when measuring AC voltage at the maximum logging rate
    1. Thank you MoFoQ in the forums for his detailed reproductions of the problem.  It did turn out to be a processor timing issue.
  3. Changed behavior of logging while still connected over bluetooth
    1. Before, every sample taken by the meter would be logged.  So when connected to a phone and sampling at the maximum rate, data would be logged at the maximum rate.  This bloats the log files and makes them harder to process later.
    2. Now the firmware will respect the logging rate specified by the user even when connected over BLE.

Android Beta App changes:

  1. Fixed a bug where logging interval was always displayed as 1 second (though the meter would still respond correctly to the logging interval being set)
  2. New firmware image bundled in to the app.

I’ll write a more general news update soon, but the short version is that all the new goodness in the Android beta is still being migrated to iOS.  Also more distributors are coming online, which is exciting.  More soon.

Thanks for reading


2 Responses to “Android Beta Update”

  1. Tom Dunn May 29, 2016 at 5:48 pm #

    Are you still planning an App update for iOS devices? And if so any idea an app update would be available? I purchased the mooshimeter mid April 2016, and have been using it with iPad app. It’s worked well so far, but after reading the features listed in the new beta release for android devices, I’ve been looking forward to an updated iOS app.

    • James May 30, 2016 at 4:31 pm #

      Hi Tom,

      Yes, still working on it. I’m just quite bad at estimating how long software tasks take me. 2 weeks ago I thought I was 2 weeks away… today I think it’s about 1 week away. Sorry I can’t be more precise, but I’ll post to the blog as soon as it’s ready. Thanks :)


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