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Hi Reader,

Progress on the betas is still fast and furious. Testers were quick to point out some glaring problems in the iOS beta release, and I’ve been fixing them as they come up.

As before, to join the iOS beta just email with “join ios beta” in the subject line. You’ll receive an invitation through Testflight to download the beta version of the app.

Here is a sum-up of the iOS progress from the last week:

Changes from 1.07(836) (released June 27) to 1.07(946) (released June 30)

  • Corrects autoranging bug that was displaying “OUT OF RANGE” consistently for higher ranges
  • Makes input selection pop up menu only display available inputs
  • Adds new firmware uploader with better user feedback
  • Adds busy spinners while waiting for BLE
  • Changes color scheme to be more iOS consistent, adds button subtitles

Here’s a list of changes from 1.07(946) to 1.07(994) released today (July 2):

  • Fixes crashing on graph launch for iPad
  • Fixes a thrashing RSSI polling thread that was causing glitchy behavior on some phones
  • Fixes very slow text-to-speech speed for readout on iOS 9 devices
  • Fixes cancel button behavior in pop-up menus for iPad
  • Integrates Crashlytics for better crash diagnosis moving forward
  • Fixes a bug where the heartbeat characteristic (an Android workaround) was causing firmware upload failures from the new uploader
  • Makes firmware uploader start uploading immediately instead of waiting for button push

I made a quick video of uploading new firmware.  I don’t suggest watching it because it’s extremely boring. But that’s how uploading firmware should be. You can also see some of the graphical changes that will hopefully make the app easier for newcomers.

What’s next: More Android beta feedback has come in, so I’ll be trying to squash a few more bugs there. The good news is that none of those bugs are show stoppers, so I think the Android beta can be pushed to production quite soon. We’re also running low on Mooshimeters so I’ll be prepping for the next manufacturing run.

Feature-wise, there are two white whales that I want to tackle soon – streaming logs out without removing SD card, and allowing the user to recalibrate the meter. I’ll be jumping on those as time allows.

Thanks again

9 Responses to “iOS Beta Progress”

  1. Kean July 2, 2016 at 11:20 pm #

    Definitely seeing improvements now. Some additional suggestions, but not high priority
    – during the firmware update process only update the percent and time left once per second, or once per whole percent change – currently it flickers like mad
    – if sound is enabled for both measurements, it only seems to do a readout of the first – can it alternate between them, maybe prefixed with the measurement type – e.g. “Voltage 1.2345 volts” … “Current 0.1234 amps” … “Voltage …”.
    – It would be nice to selectively truncate the spoken readout to lower precision, you don’t often need 5 decimal places, just one would generally be enough.

  2. WIS July 23, 2016 at 2:05 am #

    Hi, just got my Mooshi meter and seems to be a well though design!
    Though I have a question regarding the measurments results, especially on the build in temp measurement. When I have the Mooshi meter in very stable temperature condition, it measured values in the graphical mode changes over time from for example from 26,7 to 28,4 celcius in 15 minutes but temp condition is same. Is this measurment drift? Is the Bt connection when active heating up the Mooshi meter?
    Like to hear your comments
    Kr wis

    • James July 25, 2016 at 4:28 pm #

      Hi WIS,

      The internal temperature sensor is inside of the ADC converter, so it’s the actual chip temperature of the ADC. That’s why it increases slightly as you stream readings out of the meter, the ADC is physically warming up a little. It’s used for temperature drift compensation in the voltage and current readings, and despite its limitations has been a useful addition for customers who want to track trends in temperature but don’t need it to be accurate within a degree.

      Hope this helps clarify, thank you!

  3. BRA-KB September 3, 2016 at 2:27 am #

    Hello, I’m testing the IOS App 1:08 (1206) and the firmware 1470628829th The logging function Now works excellent. The data is only written to the SD card when the logging feature is turned on regardless of whether the app is closed or Enabled obese. Very good. What still needs to be processed urgently now is: 1) display the date and time in readable format for example (09/03/2016 12: 17: 22.356 DMJ HMSmS) 2) The measured values should be the same format as in the app display in Logging function are stored. If I have a voltage of 12,345V measurement should not be 1.25 + E07 but 12,345 written when logging onto the memory card. 3) When logging the temperature, the app has a temperature of 24,564ºC displayed. Saved was 2,97E08 (296,996,200.00) How does this measurement error, I could not understand. Please rectify.

  4. BRA-KB September 3, 2016 at 11:16 am #

    I regret some of my previous post take back. The logging function is still not usable. The measured values ​​are written to the memory card when logging was turned on once. If it switched off and the device will be disconnected from iphohe the readings continue to be written to the memory card. This is so useless. If the Mooshimeter days is long not used are already thousands items on the memory card. I’m bewust it not with a Fluke instrument comparable. Maybe I’m spoiled by our Fluke unit of work only. Since it is going on. Connecting the instrument to the measuring points. Start and Finish logging. Then Logging off Ejecting memory card. Start software. Select File on the memory card and the measurement data is displayed. The csv files only the thousands records need to be reviewed again. I would also pay for a Useful App money if it then works. I also noticed that if any app is connected to the Mooshimeter and not the LED are connected cables every 10 seconds (The interval is selected) flashes 2x.

    • James September 6, 2016 at 9:59 am #

      Hi BRA-KB,

      I’m not sure I understand… the Mooshimeter is supposed to log after the user has disconnected. The idea is that you can leave it behind somewhere and come back later to see what happened while you were gone. Is that not the behavior you expect?

  5. chris September 13, 2016 at 1:30 am #

    Hi James,
    Is there a way (or a future update) to use the iPad in the horizontal mode instead of the vertical mode ?
    Best regards, Chris

    • James September 13, 2016 at 9:57 am #

      Hi Chris,

      On iPad the graphing is in landscape but the “meter screen” is in portrait. I put it this way because I didn’t want to add special logic for iPad that didn’t get used on iPhone. Often best to keep it simple :)

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