Coroutine demonstration with setjmp/longjmp (STM32)

Hi Reader, Embedded programmers working without an RTOS for whatever reason are frequently rolling their own solutions for multitasking. Protothreads are a de-facto default for ultra-lightweight threading but since they are stackless, they are extremely limited. Here’s a demonstration of a technique to allow cooperative multitasking by abusing the ancient setjmp/longjmp routines in C. This […]

General update

Hi reader, This is the longest gap in posting yet, sorry. I’ll be blunt – I burned out in 2018 and I haven’t really recovered. I’ve generally tried to keep a professional veneer on this blog – sorry to mix personal and business stuff. But when you’re a one person business it’s sort of inevitable. […]


Defrosting the Blog – Kelvin Dropper

Hi Reader, Wow it’s been a while. In 2017 I took on too many contracts at once and totally lost control of my time. Once I fell out of the habit of posting in the blog, the barrier to posting again became progressively higher, because there was more and more to catch up on. In […]


New Distributor: RobotShop!

Hi Reader, Happy to announce that RobotShop now carries the Mooshimeter in 4 catalogs including the US, Canada, UK and EU.  For links to those specific catalogs, check the distributors page. Debugging robotics problems was what I had in mind when first designing the Mooshimeter, so I’m especially excited to work with them. ~James emailing problem fixed

Hi Reader, Minor update for users who have had trouble receiving email from the server. This has affected some users who want to participate in the forum but never received their registration emails. This is not a mooshimeter-related blog entry, but I’m writing it down in case it helps someone. Problem Some users on […]


Thank you Electroboom!

Hi Reader, Two weeks ago ElectroBOOM used a Mooshimeter in one of his videos, which drew a surge in traffic to this website and drove a corresponding surge in sales. Thank you ElectroBOOM! I’ve actually started working on a thank you gift, more on that in another blog post. With surges in sales come surges […]