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Mooshimeters back in stock at Amazon

Hi Reader, I’m happy to announce that Mooshimeters are back in stock at Amazon. The core product is unchanged but the tool case, test leads, clamps and leads are all improved versions. The tool case is roomier and has a nylon finish which should wear better than the original gray. The new tool case also […]

General update

Hi reader, This is the longest gap in posting yet, sorry. I’ll be blunt – I burned out in 2018 and I haven’t really recovered. I’ve generally tried to keep a professional veneer on this blog – sorry to mix personal and business stuff. But when you’re a one person business it’s sort of inevitable. […]


New Distributor: RobotShop!

Hi Reader, Happy to announce that RobotShop now carries the Mooshimeter in 4 catalogs including the US, Canada, UK and EU.  For links to those specific catalogs, check the distributors page. Debugging robotics problems was what I had in mind when first designing the Mooshimeter, so I’m especially excited to work with them. ~James

Short Circuiting Battery Problem

Hi Reader, Summary The most recent manufacturing run of Mooshimeters has battery contacts that weren’t deburred properly.  This has created a very frustrating problem where the burr (rough edge) of the battery contact cuts through the label of the AA battery, short circuiting the battery and causing it to heat up.  It’s not a fire hazard but it’s […]

Expanded Wiki Documentation

Hi Reader, Last week Electronic Systems Inc. started their first manufacturing run of the Mooshimeter, and I was on site to support and help transfer some of the unwritten knowledge that goes with a new product.  I’ll write a post about that visit soon, but for now suffice it to say I came away very impressed. Knowing […]


New Documentation, New CM and More

Hi Reader, Some updates from the last few weeks: Regulatory Updates Our European distributor, Elektor, was contacted by German authorities who found some problems with the documentation being supplied with the Mooshimeter.  Specifically, they said not enough safety information was distributed on paper with the device itself.  We’re working to correct this and the next manufacturing […]

Bugfix: iOS+240V+AC Measurement=Disconnect

Hi Reader, UPDATE: Users in the US and other 120V countries have reported this issue as well.  If you’re experiencing intermittent disconnection of the Mooshimeter from your iOS device with firmware before 1447470000, this is probably the cause. Symptom Some users have reported a bug that I just pushed a firmware update to fix.  If you’ve experienced […]