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Firmware Update

Dear Reader, Very quick update for something that’s been a lot of work:  you’ll find a new version of the Android App available for download in the Google Play Store.  A new version of the iOS app is awaiting Apple approval (but has been released to the beta group).  The app itself is almost identical, […]

We need your help: Call for testimonials!

Dear Reader, I designed the first Mooshimeter prototype in April of 2013. In the last 2 years it’s gone from idea to crowdfunding project to 1700 Mooshimeters in the wild. The feedback has been good and for the past few weeks I’ve been getting everything lined up for another production run. Nothing sells a product […]


Talk to your Mooshimeter from Python

Dear Reader, Many users have requested a way to talk to their Mooshimeters programatically from their computer.  This blog post introduces a library and  a piece of hardware that will allow you to do that. What’s New: On the Mooshim Github page there is now Mooshimeter-PythonAPI, a set of Python classes that will allow you to […]


New Firmware Update Release

Dear Reader, I’m happy to announce the release of a new version of firmware. How to Update Your Firmware For iOS With the latest version of the app, the process should be automatic next time you try to connect to your Mooshimeter with the most recent update of the app [Note: At the time of […]

Dragon Innovation Orders are out the door!

Dear Reader, Milestone: Excepting a few backers with address issues and failed credit card payments, all orders from the Dragon Innovation campaign are out the door! If you’re a Dragon Innovation backer and haven’t received a tracking number yet expect an email detailing the issue with your order soon. Orders placed after the campaign are […]

Quick Note about iOS7

Dear Reader, The first meters are in user’s hands, which means the first bug reports are coming in. The most important issue report by far is that the version of the iOS app in the app store will not download to iOS7.  iOS7 will be supported and we’ll get a new version in the Apple […]

Support Resources

Hi Reader, As Mooshimeters venture in to the wild we are preparing to support them.  There have been a few website additions and enhancements: Mooshimeter Support Page This page will be updated frequently.  It will aim to address all the most common pitfalls of using the meter and the apps. Mooshimeter Support Forum Emailing for […]


Shipping Address Confirmations

Hi Reader, In preparation for shipping the first big batch of meters, we’ve sent out a shipping address confirmation request to all our Dragon Innovation backers!  The email should look like this: If you backed us on Dragon Innovation and for some reason did not receive a survey email, drop us an email ( […]

Housing Dielectric Test Setup

Testing Completed for 61010-1 and 61010-2-030

Yesterday we performed the final set of tests for the Mooshimeter for 61010-1 and 61010-2-030 compliance.  The modified housing passed as a CAT III 600V device, and now it is (hopefully) just paperwork from here forward.  I want to share a little about this part of the Mooshimeter’s journey, as it is the largest unforseen […]


Bad News

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but we ran into a problem. When I announced that we passed our electrical tests, I spoke too soon.  On closer read of the 61010-2-030 spec we discovered that one of the tests had been run incorrectly.  Under the new conditions, it no longer passes.  Here […]