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Weekend Logging

Hi Reader, This is not a news post, just some graphs from a testing setup over the weekend.  I connected a meter running the latest firmware () to a solar panel and left it by the window logging voltage and internal temperature once per minute.  Here’s the setup: Here’s the data: Since there’s no load on the solar […]

Profiling a AA battery

Dear Reader, When designing a low power product, it’s important to know the voltage profile of the batteries you’re using.  I decided to set up a test on Friday (it’s Sunday now) to make sure the batteries we’re shipping with the Mooshimeter live up to their specs. I pulled a single AA from our battery […]

RevF Hardware Bringup Report

Dear Reader, Here are some of the things that have happened in the last two weeks. New Enclosure Prototypes Custom connector mechanical samples On Revision E, which was in our promo video, the connectors were hand-cut out of brass tubing and soldered directly to the circuit board.  This is a point of concern for manufacturability […]

Quick Solar Panel Demo

Dear Reader, Far too often I’ve seen solar enthusiasts struggling with two-meter setups to try and calculate the true power output of their solar panels. Switching back and forth between two meters as clouds and trees occlude the panel makes getting a good reading very difficult! So here’s a quick demo of how easy the […]

Measuring Small Resistances in Live Circuits

Dear Reader, Brian Benchoff just posted about this demo on Hackaday (Thanks!), and we thought we should add some commentary. Usually to measure resistance, one must remove the resistive element from the circuit and connect the meter across it. Sometimes that’s impractical or impossible. If you know the voltage across an element and the current […]

Power Factor in a Blender

Dear Reader, Recently Eric posted an educational entry on Power Factor. To demonstrate some of the AC measurement capabilities of the Mooshimeter, I set up a quick demo to measure power factor and harmonic distortion in a kitchen blender. Like many blenders of a certain era, it has two “Major” settings – Low and High […]