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Defrosting the Blog – Kelvin Dropper

Hi Reader, Wow it’s been a while. In 2017 I took on too many contracts at once and totally lost control of my time. Once I fell out of the habit of posting in the blog, the barrier to posting again became progressively higher, because there was more and more to catch up on. In […]


Pictures from the Floor

Hi Reader, Last week I went to South Dakota to meet the new contract manufacturer, Electronic Systems Inc (ESI).  Since this is their first manufacturing run of the Mooshimeter, I wanted to be on hand to make sure there weren’t any unspoken assumptions they were missing.  It would be a sad event to end up with hundreds […]


Android Swapping BLE Packet Payloads

Hi Reader, **Updates December 18 2015 – See end of post** For the last few weeks I’ve been chasing some frustrating issues with Bluetooth Low Energy on Android. The Mooshimeter’s over-the-air firmware update feature has been failing frequently for Android users, and it turns out the issue goes very deep. On 2 phones I’ve tested so […]

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Campaign By Numbers

One of the fun parts of this campaign was watching the back-end analytics.  I want to share some of the interesting moments and numbers with you. The Launch The first few days had three distinct waves of traffic: Friends and Family drived a healthy start, and within 10 hours of launch we had raised 10k […]

Will It Blend: PF Setup

Why do I care about Power Factor?

Bad power factors cost you money in the form of extra wire losses and increased strain on the power infrastructure.  They reduce the amount of usable energy a circuit can provide but are often overlooked because they can be difficult to measure.  This post talks about what power factor does to a system and how […]


Why the Multimeter?

Dear Reader, Welcome to the blog!  Here we’ll talk about whatever is new with Mooshim Engineering, electronics in general, technology, etc. Why reinvent the multimeter? In using our multimeters every day we realized many of the limitations we took for granted no longer made sense.  Our multimeters have stayed the same while the world changed […]