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Streaming logs over BLE and other news

Hi Reader, This is a combination announcement and general update. New Feature in Beta: Streaming Logs over BLE Up to now, retrieving the data log required retrieving the SD card itself from the meter. With the latest firmware and app, it is now possible to retrieve logs wirelessly.  It’s been released to Android beta users […]

Pictures from the Floor

Hi Reader, Last week I went to South Dakota to meet the new contract manufacturer, Electronic Systems Inc (ESI).  Since this is their first manufacturing run of the Mooshimeter, I wanted to be on hand to make sure there weren’t any unspoken assumptions they were missing.  It would be a sad event to end up with hundreds […]

Expanded Wiki Documentation

Hi Reader, Last week Electronic Systems Inc. started their first manufacturing run of the Mooshimeter, and I was on site to support and help transfer some of the unwritten knowledge that goes with a new product.  I’ll write a post about that visit soon, but for now suffice it to say I came away very impressed. Knowing […]


New Documentation, New CM and More

Hi Reader, Some updates from the last few weeks: Regulatory Updates Our European distributor, Elektor, was contacted by German authorities who found some problems with the documentation being supplied with the Mooshimeter.  Specifically, they said not enough safety information was distributed on paper with the device itself.  We’re working to correct this and the next manufacturing […]

iOS Beta Progress

Hi Reader, Progress on the betas is still fast and furious. Testers were quick to point out some glaring problems in the iOS beta release, and I’ve been fixing them as they come up. As before, to join the iOS beta just email with “join ios beta” in the subject line. You’ll receive an […]

Android Beta Update

Hi Reader, Comments have been pouring in from the beta testers.  Thank you for the testing you’ve done so far, it really does set the priorities here.  A new Android beta release, with a new bundled firmware version, is available here. Firmware changes: Log entries are now spaced at the selected logging interval Before, the logging interval referred […]

New Product Video, Website Updates

Hi Reader, Update #1: New product video! Thanks to Kevin of Tostie Productions for being great to work with.  He made our crowdfunding video as well. Update #2:  New search functionality on the website In the side panel to the left, you will see a new search widget.  Now it’s easier than ever to find relevant blog posts, forum […]

New Beta Android App+Firmware Release

Hi Reader, For the last few months I’ve been hammering on firmware and app updates.  They ended up going way deeper than I meant to; the firmware and apps had accrued a lot of technical debt getting the Mooshimeter out to market as fast as possible.  The new features have just been released to Android beta, you can join […]

Business Updates

Hi Reader, It’s been a while!  Many apologies for the long radio silence.  I’ve been updating the Mooshimeter apps and firmware.  It’s gone much slower than I expected, I believe I’ve been hit with the Second System Effect.  But it’s all coming together and I will be pushing beta updates shortly, they will have their own […]