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Android Swapping BLE Packet Payloads

Hi Reader, **Updates December 18 2015 – See end of post** For the last few weeks I’ve been chasing some frustrating issues with Bluetooth Low Energy on Android. The Mooshimeter’s over-the-air firmware update feature has been failing frequently for Android users, and it turns out the issue goes very deep. On 2 phones I’ve tested so […]

Bugfixes in iOS and Android

Dear Reader, The second round of Mooshimeters started arriving at their new homes the week before last, and we’ve had some new bug reports.  We’ve just released fixes for the two most troubling ones. iOS App Bug Fixed: Sporadic Disconnection in AC Mode How to get the fix: Some iOS users were reporting that the Mooshimeter would […]

iOS App Update Pending

Hi Readers, The second run Mooshimeters have started arriving with customers, and some common issues have been coming up. iOS users: The version of the app that is presently available for download is unstable with the new run of the meter.  The updated app was submitted to the app store on Nov. 1 in the hopes that […]

Second Manufacturing Run Progress

Dear Reader, Last week 6 production samples of the second manufacturing run and we’ve been testing them.  One of them had refused to accept a calibration, the other five had passed all production testing.  These are the first 6 “ready to ship” Mooshimeter kits that have not come directly out of our offices – as […]

Delay: Shipment pulled for X-Ray inspection

Hi Reader, Quick update on manufacturing run #2 for all those who have preorders: Most of the mechanical parts come from China.  The container they were put in was pulled for random x-ray when it arrived in LA a few days ago.  The shipping agent has told me the inspection is ongoing and there is […]

New Android App Beta Available

Hi Reader, I’m overdue for a bigger update, but here’s a quick one:  a new Android app version has been uploaded.  Google now allows open beta testing, so you can get it here with minimal hassle. What’s new? Firmware uploads to the Mooshimeter are about 8x faster. Data from multiple meters at once can be streamed […]

Making Assembly Easier

Hi Reader, Manufacturing All the mechanical parts of the second manufacturing run are underway. To make life a little easier for users there are two slight tweaks to the enclosure: The o-rings are custom and square now, which adhere better than the round o-rings on the first manufacturing run. The screw-washer pairs are being replaced […]

Second Manufacturing Run, Distribution, and more

Dear Reader, May has been an eventful month. Second Manufacturing Run Preorders Available The second manufacturing run of Mooshimeters is beginning!  To celebrate, we brought back the crowdfunding price – $100 – for a Mooshimeter in the next run.  We can’t offer a firm delivery date yet because we are still working out details with […]

New Firmware Update Release

Dear Reader, I’m happy to announce the release of a new version of firmware. How to Update Your Firmware For iOS With the latest version of the app, the process should be automatic next time you try to connect to your Mooshimeter with the most recent update of the app [Note: At the time of […]

Updates on firmware, logging, apps, etc.

Dear Reader, The last two weeks have been a lot of work on a variety of issues. There is no longer a single unifying goal – “Get the meters shipped” – now there are many smaller goals. Here is what’s been happening. Android App Google Play Store The Mooshimeter Android app is now available in […]