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My customer feedback on Sparkfun regarding uSD & logging:

Almost a “Must Have”, needs a little more development:

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Very well constructed, very accurate, very intuitive to use. The graphing function is lovely.

Doesn’t come with a manual, get that plus tips & tricks at:

This won’t replace your multimeter for immediate “one-off” measurements (you need a separate smartphone or tablet to get readings), but it is wonderful for remote sensing and watching volts/amps/ohms change with time & conditions.

The one major flaw, which I hope will be fixed in firmware soon, is that the logging function is effectively useless in the current device iteration- it only logs to a micro SD card (not included), and you can only retrieve the log by unscrewing the case and pulling the SD card out to read it on a separate computer- you cannot access the SD card, either physically or to transfer the data, from outside the case. There is no “read log data” function in the Android or iOS software.

The case in the currently shipping device does have a slot cut out for SD access (on one side), but unfortunately that access is blocked by a flap on the other side of the case. From the dialogue on the web site, I guess this is due to regulatory requirements for this high voltage test device. You can cut off this blocking flap, to access the SD without taking the case apart, but even then it is difficult to pull the SD out, because it doesn’t pop out far enough to easily grab, with the case in place. I solved that with a thin strip of adhesive tape attached to the uSD, sticking out of the case…

A much better solution would be for the logged data to be downloadable via Bluetooth to your display device, so that you would never need to mess with the SD card after installing it… I can’t imagine why that has not been implemented. A nearly fatal flaw, for a device otherwise perfectly designed as a remote sensing & logging instrument.

Still- a very nice and handy device, almost a must have for your tool bench…