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Hi Luke, Hobelsepp, Shockwaver, Tim, Duane,

I found a bug that could account for what you’re seeing. I found a memory leak. If you don’t know what that is, you can learn here:

Basically there is a periodic task that runs in the background to check if the SD card has been inserted and read the battery voltage. It sends a message to the main task (very short, only a few bytes). When the main task is not BLE connected, it just ignores the messages, but it was not de-allocating them. So they were slowly piling up in memory. All of TI’s BLE code uses the same memory allocation pool, so after a certain amount of time no memory is left for the little allocations that the TI stack needs to do its work.

Sorry I haven’t posted to the blog in a while. I bought a LG Volt because LG users were consistently reporting failure and was able to reproduce their issue, that also required some firmware changes.

Bundling the new firmware with the Android app is quite simple, I’ll try to get that out this afternoon.

Thanks again for the details, they help narrow it down.


Also – Luke – to answer your question about firmware source code – This code is not public, sorry.