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wow, Sounds like you did all the correct things and the meter is still not working. I wish to make sure I am communicating clearly. Step1 above means to insert the red meter cable into the ohm hole on the meter (above the C and to the right of the V) and the black meter cable into the C hole on the meter. Then briefly touch the tips of the cables together for 3 seconds.

The meter may truly be broke. However, if you are willing, can you try a couple more things:

Can you verify the batteries are inserted in the proper orientation (see the + and – battery symbols printed on the circuit board)?

Does the LED blink at any of the above steps? The LED is located on the bottom of the meter at the end that has the batteries. You may need to be in a fairly dark room to see the LED because in some modes it can be a be a very brief dim flash.

Has the meter ever worked correctly?
— Duane