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If Paul doesn’t mind, I will just add my quick feedback on graphing here. Downloaded 16 June 2016 from playstore LGL22C wifi only cell phone with android 5.0.1. Had to reboot phone to install firmware into meter (may have been my operator error).

The good news is I can now get in and out of buffer mode on a phone without the menu button. However, the bad news is some graph features still have issues. My setup was the infamous unfiltered full wave rectified sine wave into V and C (approx 9Vp), 4000Hz, 256smpl, 60VDC scale, internal temperature for the other channel.

Pressing the CONFIG button (nice) and turning CH1 Autorange off: Pinch and zoom left vertical scale changes temperature axis. Turning CH2 Autorange off: Pinch and zoom right vertical scale changes voltage axis. It appears you don’t have to pinch exactly over the scales and I found it easier to pinch in the plot area. Drag and release on the vertical axis positions the signal plot. All very nice. Pinch and zoom horizontal (time) appears to have no effect. This would be nice. I could find no way to display only one channel. This is pretty important. Turning Autoscroll off, there is no Refresh button. I’m not sure how useful this would be in non-buffer mode.

Buffer Mode on, weird things happen:

With autoranges on and autoscroll on, the internal temp plot is clear at the top of the display (practically off the display) with no way to move it down. The rectified sine wave plot is displayed for about a second, then that plot and scale disappear for about a second, repeat. This “flickering” is annoying. The internal temp and scale appear to always be displayed and does not flicker. Also, every few seconds, the internal temperature plot in degF goes from roughly 70 to 294. Interestingly enough 294 Kelvin is 69.5F.

With autoranges off and autoscroll on, the voltage display scale changes from 9VDC to -83V. yikes! Turning autoscroll off, the voltage scale and the signal plot disappear. When these strange graph scales occur, if I exit the graph, both the internal temp and voltage DC display OVERLOAD. Sometimes it will self correct and sometimes I have to exit the meter and get back in. —-Duane