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I downloaded the new app & firmware yesterday, and the upload of the firmware went smoothly. On re-connection the app still thought the Mooshimeter was in bootloader mode, but swiping it from the list of running apps seemed to force it to quit and all was well when the app was relaunched (this has happened on every firmware update, so far as I remember).

I got an “Unknown request code” once on trying to exit the app, and was returned to to the readout page. This happened after renaming the meter.

The LED flashing has changed, now giving one flash every 10s and no dim flashes. When the phone is connected the LED flashes once every 1s.

The crash after 37 minutes is gone. My Mooshimeter has been running with the new firmware for about 1 day now without needing a reset.

Graph mode is running very nicely. The readout seems very smooth, with no jitter between data points.

All in all, a very nice update. Thanks, James! I haven’t tested the logging function yet, but will do so soon.

By the way, what is the correct way to exit the app? If I use the “back” button (bottom of screen, next to the home button) the Mooshimeter continues to flash once every 1s, as if it is still connected. As soon as I swipe the app out of the list of running apps the flashing returns to every 10s. If I press the 2-plugs icon on the scan page the Mooshimeter (appears to) disconnect immediately, but now the auto-connect function is lost.

App 1.0.23(1849)
FW 1466039460 (previously 1447458797)
Nexus 5 with Android 6.0.1
No devices connected to the Mooshimeter inputs, no memory card installed, fresh batteries