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Now some observations on logging. Looks like the variations in logging values that I was previously seeing has been greatly improved. I ran a few tests on 3AA battery voltage on one channel and 1.8K resistor on the other channel and the values seem solid. Again, I cannot attest to the accuracy of the values because I do not have a precision reference, but the logged values are very consistent now. Worst case value for voltage or resistance was +/- 0.06% from the average. Also, I noticed there were no early logging timestamps.

However, when I tried to log all night, it only logged for the first hour and a half, then stopped logging. I restarted the logging in the morning. This time, I periodically watched for the LED blinking pattern for logging. When I stopped it after several hours, I had over 90 new files on my SD card with only the header and one row of data in each of the first 89 files and then the last file had hours worth of data. Also, it still has the issue where sometimes you start the logging in the app, but the meter does not log. The microSD card unique LED blinks seem a pretty reliable indicator on whether or not the meter is actually logging, but not whether it is creating multiple files (or at least I am not perceptive enough in LED blink pattern recognition). I think these are old issues.

Then I wanted to log my house voltage (120VAC) and the meter appeared dead except for slow LED blinks (1/sec). Pressed meter reset, shorted ohm to C, rebooted android phone. Repeated this, but no communication. Removed batteries and reinserted them into meter and then it finally worked. I noticed a couple other people recently with possibly similar issue and maybe more people will give you better clues to help debug this issue.

By the way, the 120VAC logging values seem solid. This time there were 2 new files, each with a header and measurement values and the second file timestamp picking up where the first one stopped. Simultaneously, I was logging internal temperature on channel1 and the values appear to be in Kelvin even though the app displays degF correctly. I can’t remember if this occurred on previous versions. — Duane