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Sound:on –> instant laughts ;)

a) “out o-fahrenheit range”
b) probes in outlet –> “231 THOUSAND 741 Volts” (probably thousand/decimal separator related: “,” vs “.” which are for some unknown reason other way around at otherside of the pond.. Me being in finland/europe.
c) same as b, but should i be worried when internal temperature is “27 thousand 157 celsius” ;D

Are those problems mostly on a tts-code or is there something to fix in the app? I cant say if there is already some logic for shortening what will get converted to speech, but most times its a bit overkill to sound out 3-4 decimals when measuring something like mains voltage.. Selectable amount of decimals for tts? Maybe some smooth logic as there is that few second pause between repeats to do it, only decimals that have been stable for over a second would be voiced out? Thats where you differentiate good apprentice from bad ones ;)

So, sorry for just toying around with features that i probably would never really use, but when an error is in 1000x class, its just too hard to miss ;)

I’ll promise to use mooshimeter for real work as electrician.. Some day.. Actually even tts might be useful, when i am shoulders deep in a dark recessed ceiling and poking some almost dead device with a test leads.