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Ville: Thanks for the info – can I ask what country you’re in/your phone’s language? I suspect some TTS issues have to do with the Android locale. The app is grabbing the default text to speech converter on whatever platform it’s on, which may behave poorly when fed text that I only tested on the English TTS converter. I am a dumb American and speak only English.

Also, good idea with being able to set the number of significant digits to read out in TTS. I think I will add that as a dropdown to global settings.

Regarding the “,” vs. “.” separator: I’ve confirmed that this does have to do with the phone’s locale. European locales by default format decimal points as commas. So when you were measuring, you were 231.741V, not 231 thousand V. The Mooshimeter is not rated that high :)

Thank you!


Duane: I’ve found a couple of subtle issues in the SD card logging in the beta firmware (a lot of it thanks to your help!).

First: The way the logger is set up in your firmware, 1466039460, it creates a log file as soon as an SD card is inserted and writes the header rows. If/when the user sets LOGGING:ON, then sample rows are written. This is a behavior I’m changing, and it may explain some of the extra logfiles.

Regarding the 2097 dates: this is a weird artifact having to do with the conversion between FAT timestamps and the Mooshimeter’s internal time format (epoch time). FAT timestamps can only represent times after 1980, but zero epoch time starts at 1970, so the conversion between the timebases fails and gives a FAT timestamp of 2097 (which is the maximum FAT timestamp, 2107, minus 10 years). This is easily fixed though… I’ll plug it so that uninitialized time will give a timestamp in the 80s.

To answer the question “So, is it possible, the new firmware modified the old files if they existed?” – no, the meter is not equipped to edit files, only append to the end of files.

I’ve done some logging experiments myself since Saturday and found a few issues – two meters logged data perfectly at 10s logging interval for a few days, one of them choked after 12 hours or so. The one that choked had a 128MB no-name SD card, the ones that were successful had 4GB and 8GB no-name SD cards. I verified it was a watchdog reset, which means the firmware stalled somewhere. I’ve set up an instrumented logging stand to catch the next watchdog reset, I expect it will shed light in to some of the flakiness.

More soon, thank you again for the info. Best