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James, Downloaded android app ver 024 and new FW 1466126223 from playstore. Installed with no problem (slow) on a different mooshimeter and different phone (android 4.4.4) compared to my comments on ver 023.

Looks like some improvement in the graphing. The graph flickering or blinking is fixed. OVERLOAD is changed to the more appropriate LOADING. However, in buffer mode, I still have the weird plot values every several seconds. Try 120VAC wall socket,manual 4000Hz, manual 256smpl. Logging (without app active) does not have this. Logging while in buffer mode, it is like the firmware cannot keep up. The first three log values are ok, then the timestamp is 15sec instead of 10sec and the values are not correct, then values for both channels are 0 for the rest of the file measure values.

Logged 120VAC house voltage and internal temp for a few hours. This time only one file and all measured values looked great. However, the file contained multiple headers at the beginning and one at the end of the file, all with no measured data. The headers recorded my app changes one at a time (0125Hz to 4000Hz, then 0064 to 0256) even though I made sure logging was off when making those changes. Also, based on the timestamps, the empty header at the end corresponds to the time I turned logging off before removing the SD card from the meter.

This is repeatable for me: Logging off, insert SDcard, change freq rate to different freq, wait a couple of seconds and the LoggingOFF temporarily changes to WRITE_ERROR), verify back to LoggingOFF, remove SDcard and observe empty header. Each time the freq is changed a additional new header is written to the same file, but only the first one gives the WRITE_ERROR indication in the app.

As done previously, logged overnight 3AA battery voltage on one channel and 1.8K resistor on the other channel . This time only one file and everything looked great.

Quick look says meter is stable. I had no lockups playing around with it in this configuration. Maybe it was due to different meter and different phone. Maybe you really fixed a few things :) Sure are lots of variables. – — Duane