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OnePlus Two / OxygenOS 3.0.2 / android 6.0.1 / cant find tts-version, but out-of-box google stuff..
App 1.0.24 (1849) / fw 1466126223

Locale set to finnish(suomi), does not matter if tts-language is finnish or english(us), mooshimeter speech seems to stay in english.

If there are three digits after decimal-COMMA, tts would say “thousand” at comma.

Also if there are four digits after comma (at x,1000 – x,9999 range), tts separate it to two numbers with little pause between and results would be like “one [pause] five thousand three hundred eighty seven volts” for AA-battery. In x,0000 – x,0999 range its a bit different, it goes like “zero ou ou three two volts” (leads off etc) and there are no pauses. As i tested these with a pile of empty batteries, i’m pretty sure there was some exception at some point, but cant reproduce it now :D

If i set phone locale/language to english(us), decimal comma changes to decimal point and tts would say “point” at it instead of “thousand”, so its probably googles fault and mooshimeter-app does everything like it should. So, quick fix: user selectable decimal separator? Or even better, it would only be used for handing over numbers to tts.. Point even sounds better in numbers and some (most?) finns use it in spoken language any how.