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Thanks James- yes I have now reverted software & firmware to my original:

Nexus 7 Android 4.4.4

Mooshimeter Version 1.0.17(444)
Build 1447458797

But my VDC readings are still high by 2.5%-3.5%

Fluke <=> Mooshimeter
39.44 <=> 40.75
26.25 <=> 26.92
13.17 <=> 13.50

The mooshimeter readings will slowly fall, for instance the 40.75v reading above had fallen to 40.45v after several minutes (Fluke was still showing 39.44v)

I also noticed that after taking a VDC measurement, if I shorted the mooshimeter V-C leads, the meter would initially show -0.15 vdc, slowly rising toward zero (-0.045v after 2 minutes), as if there was some capacitance bleeding off.

I’m still wondering whether I have somehow erased my calibration data, during the beta updates, or perhaps the meter is damaged? I’ve only used it for low level battery VDC readings so far (0-40vdc)

Aloha James- hope I can get this fixed, I really like this meter!