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2 meters, 2 cell phones, each logging different sources all night. This morning the logs looked great. Only one file each with one header, beginning and ending timetamps are correct, and measured values are stable. Kind of exciting; this is looking really good. By the way, in case other folks are curious, I have no problems with 2 meters/2phones both operating independently just a few inches apart. So, I guess BLE does have some redeeming qualities :)

It wouldn’t be realistic to have all this good news without a however. So here it is. However, on one of the phones (both phones are android 4.4), when I made the app display active this morning after logging all night, the display became active in the correct configuration for several seconds, then reinitialized and came back up in the default configuration. The log files correlate to this. A separate file was created (separate from the file with all the good accolades above), with two headers, one correct config, followed by default config. Just in case it matters, when I log, I press the back arrow on top left of the display to make the app display inactive. To make the display active again, I select the meter from the list of meters (usually only one) in the app.
—- Duane