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Great feedback, thanks Tim!

Sharing grid lines on the graph actually wouldn’t be too tricky, because I already implemented that in the iOS app. Good catch, thanks, it’s something I always intended but forgot about.

Regarding status 133 and -1 when trying to connect: -1 is a timeout, 133 is GATT_ERROR… unfortunately the only way past them is to try again. Under the hood the Android app is already doing a few retries because those errors get returned much more often than is visible to the user. So I’m afraid there’s not much I can do about those right now.

Regarding the chirp of noise in the buffer: I just finished pushing the fixed firmware with the iOS beta, will be bundling it with the Android release now. The new version code on the FW will be 1467155160.

Duane: Thanks :) I feel like some day in the coming months everything will stabilize and I can take a break, maybe design something new. But until then gotta keep squashing bugs!