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Same issues as above:

Moto G, Marshmellow-Download app. gives 2 icons: “data logger” and “Mooshi”. Does not connect bluetooth to Mooshi under Android settings (usually does not see the hardware, even when shown, will not pair).

It does connect using Mooshi icon/app. updates screen, shows graph on horizontal etc. Also. will log onto SD card. It seems to accept different sample rates, but it actually does not change the sample rate of 3-4 sample/second.

Even though Mooshi app. connects, “Data logger” can’t find it “device not found”. Also, even when Mooshi connects, it does not show as paired under Android settings.

Changed batteries, many reboots of phone and Mooshimeter, reloaded app, tried many different sequences in different orders etc. Occationally, (fresh reboot on both Mooshimeter and phone), Android settings bluetooth will show Mooshi and asks for code. However, it has never actually paired. “Data Logger” also sometimes shows the Mooshi, but does not connect.

Also tried with Moto G, with Lollipop. App. only shows 1 icon (no Data Logger icon, just Mooshi). Similar behavior as above.

Also tried Ipad Air (should have BLE, latest IOS). App. only shows 1 icon (Mooshi). Does not show hardware in IOS settings, will not connect.

Is there a basic writeup on how the software is supposed to work?

Help! Can’t live with 3 samples/sec.