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Thanks Ville.

Success! I thought I had tried every permutation, but I had not tried completely closing the app. I have navigated out of the app. I have lost connection. But I never completely closed the app., and this did the trick!

James-Adding these few steps somewhere in the docs. may save someone else from 3 days of frustration. I know that development is really tough, but if people can’t get it to work…

My procedure:

Completely close app. by swiping.
Insert card
Reboot Mooshimeter hardware
open app and connect
From main screen, press upper right corner (looks like settings)
new page shows logging intervals
select desired interval, slight delay, selection turns green
go back to main screen (press android “go back”) must be done within a few secs.
Select logging on
press Android square to bring up open programs, swipe Mooshi app closed
starts logging at the desired intervals
led will show flickering every 10 seconds (for 10 sec. interval)

To stop logging, open app., connect, press logging off
remove card and read