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I may need to get new clamp :D

Just set up logging for one phase of whole house. Just basic ac-clamp with 1:1000 ratio, so mooshimeters ac-measurement shows nothing.. Then I added only smallish resistor i could find (47ohm) and changed to aux voltage, which now shows spot on what my ohms law calculations told. And fluke 87v was “way” of, which can’t be true, but we’ll see when i become too curious about my logging results.

Sadly i did not remember that i could use A-connector as other common in (partly) floating measurements and raped one testlead to use with stackable banana-leads that i had for my clamp.

So if we are getting that scaling option, it should have some “yes, i am stupid, i do my own equipment and my scale is out of this world”-mode ;)