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Hi Joel,

Sorry for delay. I think you have low batteries.

Note: This does not apply to the original batch of Mooshimeters sent to crowdfunders, because this feature was only added in later manufacturing runs. The bootloader code is not updated once the meter leaves the factory so even if you’ve gone through the FW update process, you have the same bootloader as you did when you first received the meter.

The bootloader checks the battery level before transitioning to the application firmware. In more recent bootloader versions, if the voltage is too low (I believe the threshold is 2V), it will give triple flashes once a second and not turn on the radio. I think that’s what you were seeing.

I’m not 100% sure what state it could be in where it’s giving a single pulse every 4 seconds. It might just be in some kind of brown-out loop.

Hope this helps