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I wasn’t seeing corrupt log files, just really small log files. It was like logging was turning off/on frequently.

I haven’t seen this behavior since I started running beta (1.0.26) firmware, though, will continue to play around with it.

I’m using a 32 GB Silicon Power SD card, says it’s UHS-1 Class10.

That said, the meter did kill a set of AA batteries after sitting on my desk a week without being connected. Logging wasn’t turned on. I’ve used the meter less than 3 weeks and haven’t had it connected very long, and when logging, typically used 1-minute logging intervals for a day or two here or there.

I expected to get at least a couple months out of a set of AA batteries without having to go into standby mode as long as a phone isn’t actively connected? What’s the minimum voltage that it will run at (say you have a power supply that doesn’t sag, what’s the minimum voltage)?

Has anyone used recharging NiMH AA batteries? Do they supply enough voltage?