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I did little experiments with regular 8 ohm speaker and ~100-200Hz sinewave gave similar results with all measuring devices i had at hand, but at 1kHz mooshi gave much smaller current and voltage than true rms fluke and “MULTI M-240 Clamp Meter” (which i had speaker signal go through 10 loops to get little more accuracy). I have no idea which one, if any, is even close to reality..

Buffer mode (or all graph-modes) seems to need pause/save/something-button, as my ears are bleedind after that session :D .. Actually XY-mode was much better for gathering data at different volume-levels. It gave me nice straight lines at different volume-levels, so there is some potential..

ANDROID-APP-BUG: There was N/A-“channel” with its own grid-lines in XY-view, which should be off.

APP-FEATURE-REQUEST: Function-selector dropdowns on frontpage should have off-option and graph-mode should play along with that selection. (sorry, i would forget, if i dont mention these here..)

I tried to search for frequency measurements with mooshimeter from this forum, but did not find anything useful.. Is it something mooshimeter itself could do or could it be done on a phone? Just like buffer mode, so it does not matter if display update rate goes up to few seconds, if we get everything out of that buffer by crunching the numbers by zillion core phone cpu..

Then couple “virtual channels” with math and real channels behind them would give users what they need and if those can be arranged to graph, we would have pretty flexible data gathering device. In this case, i would try to use sine-sweeps (as slow as needed, not to mess buffering by changing too fast) and plot frequency to X-axis and impedance (roughly U/I=Z) to Y-axis.

Ps. I need that for tomorrow ;) .. But really, is that even close to be plausible? After year worth of bug swatting, couple of production runs, few months of vacation etc..? And yes, as stated before, i know im crazy :D