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Thanks to Duane & James for their help.

I updated my phone to 1.0.28(2031) with 1467155160 firmware and managed to reprogram my meter after a few tries by resetting it and then immediately trying to connect and program it. Unfortunately, it then got stuck in the bootloader and I was forced to reprogram it in Android “slow” mode before it would take (this is with new batteries in the meter and I’ve not needed to use slow mode previously).

Note that my iPad with release software (1.0.6 from memory) would not connect to the mooshimeter whilst it was in bootloader mode after my first programming attempt.

I haven’t had a chance to play with the new firmware yet and will provide feedback when I do.

James: Would you be able to add a description of all the LED flashing modes to the FAQ. ISTR seeing one in a blog entry but that’s less accessible.