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Yes, I certainly agree with you. We all want better documentation. And we want the meter software improved in many areas, which many times also necessitates changes to the documentation. I am a user; I do not speak for the manufacturer, James. I try to help here because I really like this meter and even with its limitations, there is nothing else on the market at this price. James is usually very responsive in this forum, but my guess (and it is just a guess) is he is busy with the new IOS improvements (good for you) and hopefully more android improvements (good for me).

As to the data in your file: This appears similar enough to android files, so maybe the following will help. You really need to post-process the data in a spreadsheet type program on a PC. I use Microsoft Excel.
1469018060 is the time stamp. I provided the conversion to local date/time in the previous post.

6.88E-02 represents the measured CH1 value in scientific notation, 6.88 times 10 raised to the -02 power. In Excel, highlight the column, right click the mouse, choose format cells, select number to 4 decimal places. The result in the spreadsheet will be 0.0688. The unit is amps. If you prefer mA, insert another column in the spreadsheet and use the formula =B9 *1000. This assumes the value was in cell B9. The result will be 68.8. Use fill down to change every row in the spreadsheet.

4.99E+01 same as above except for CH2. Looks like you were measuring about 50VDC.
— Duane