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Hi guys,

Thanks again Duane and Ville for stepping in and providing assistance. Sorry I fell behind in the forums.

The beta apps and firmware will soon move to production. I’ve started working on documentation – these are not finalized but they are a good start. Soon they will be linked in to the support hub:

Logging with the Mooshimeter

Regarding log file creation question:
Up until the version of firmware released today (>1469xxxx), a new log file is created every time there is a write error. So if you remove and re-insert the SD card, you will see another log file there. On some flaky SD card setups, this behavior would cause hundreds of small files to be generated because write errors are quite frequent. One of the things I’ve been working on for the last few weeks is error recovery. In the new firmware, a new logfile is generated when the user turns logging off and on again from the app, or if a blank SD card is inserted. Otherwise, logs are appended.