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I had same kind of problem yesterday, as i tried logging with newest android beta (29).. I did not (remember/know to) disconnect from mooshimeter and logging stopped as i went out of bluetooth range.. Not sure how that would be reasonable way to behave, but after that i tried again and logging worked fine, as i remembered to disconnect.

no wait/1 sec log intervals are easy to check, as led is blinking constantly, but nothing tells us to disconnect.. So it would seem that everything is fine, but after walking away it stops.. So JAMES, THIS IS A BUG.

For excel (and in my case, libreoffice calc), i would first add “=(A9/86400)+25569+(1/24)” (which seems to give your timezone) in G9 and format G-column as date/time (like: 30.07.2016 10:08:10) and then expand those values to the end.

For actual data (which should be in B and C columns), formatting those columns to basic numbers should do the trick. If not, there is always that locale difference possibility with wrong decimal separator, so you should somehow tell excel that you are importing that csv in american english. Libreoffice does ask for that as you are opening csv:s.