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Sorry I didn’t get to this thread sooner – there are a lot of questions in the last 24 hours.

ville: no wait/1 sec log intervals are easy to check, as led is blinking constantly, but nothing tells us to disconnect.. So it would seem that everything is fine, but after walking away it stops.. So JAMES, THIS IS A BUG.

Can you confirm what firmware version you’re running? If the LED is blinking constantly, I suspect you are a few firmware versions behind, as the LED has become more sensible in later versions. The latest firmware version (available to the beta) is 1469410939. I’ve been working on logging reliability specifically in the last few firmware updates. Log settings are now saved to non-volatile memory so that even if the device is rebooted, logging will resume.

ville: Would it be possible to add human readable starting date+time to log headers? And to end also, when done the right way by stopping from app before ripping memorycard out..

Yes, I will add this to the feature list. Epoch timestamps are so second nature to me now I forget the perspective of users who have not worked with them before. It should not be hard to add a human readable stamp at the beginning of the file because the Mooshimeter already does this calculation (year, month, date, hour, etc.) for the filesystem timestamp, which is in a human readable format.

Duane: How do you [gracefully] stop the app? For example. if sound is on (speaking meter readings), then none of the exit buttons will stop the app nor stop the BLE connection. This is not necessarily a bad thing, maybe even desirable in many situations, how is the app stopped if desired? And should there be a way to BLE disconnect separate from app stop?

If I need to manually close the app I use the native iOS/Android method of doing so. It’s a double press of the home button or something like that… it brings up the task switcher. I very rarely have to do this though… never in iOS, sometimes in Android when the bluetooth stack crashes. Maybe I will add this as a button in the global settings menu, it’s a single system call to close the app so not too hard.

99% of the time, I just press the home button and let the app fall in to the background. Leaving the sound on in that state is deliberate to make multitasking easier. I think this is closer to the accepted idiom for smartphone app lifecycle. You can manually disconnect the BLE connection by pressing the connection icon of the connected meter in the scan screen. If you let the connection fail naturally (leave it connected and walk away from the meter) that’s fine too*

*ville I did not forget your report above about walking away and finding it caused logging to fail. I will wait for confirmation on your firmware version so I know where to look though.

Regarding autoconnect feature: When active, this causes the app to automatically connect to the meter if it’s detected in a scan. The idea is that almost all users have only a single meter, and will close the app by just pressing the home button and putting the phone in their pocket. With auto-connect on, it means all they have to do is open the app again and the device will start scanning, then connect to their meter

Regarding documentation in general: I’m transitioning to a wiki for documentation, as it’s much easier to maintain than a collection of PDFs and wordpress pages. I am working on it now, it’s here: . It’s still a skeleton but if you have thoughts on the evolving structure, I welcome your feedback and contributions.

Thank you again, let me know if I missed anything. Best