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ville, thanks for the clarification. I misunderstood your previous post. Yes as you probably know, here in the USA we can get pre-paid phones real cheap $10 or less (the carrier doesn’t matter since I don’t activate the cell coverage), so it is very easy for me to dedicate a phone to a meter and not use my main phone. I’m glad I ran the tests because it shows the logging stops even when the phone/meters are not separated. I don’t understand since it was pretty stable in previous versions. It is very good that folks from all over the world can all compare our experience here to hopefully make this better. Thanks to BRA-KB for starting us out on this thread.

Additionally, the meter I restarted with logging set at 10s finally stopped logging after about 5 hours, went back to scan page, and blink is 2 blinks every 10s.

I restarted the original 4s meter with logging every 10s. After 1.5 hours, I found the app metering page changed to logging off, and the meter was blinking at 1 per second.
– – – Duane