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I tried to humour myself last night and set mooshimeter log its internal temperature every second on both channels. Its possible, so it should not “break” anything?

There was crazy spikes at start, visible on normal meter screen, graph and now that i had time to check log-files, on there also. I stopped logging when i wake up and did not notice spiking anymore while seeing live values for a minute or so..

I did notice that both channels spiked at same time, but in different directions. In spreadsheet I first created graph of whole last night (almost 28000 lines of log) and somehow those spikes just disappeared in pretty much middle of that file. And ~2300 lines later, there is one similar spike and thats it, just normal ~298 deg K for rest of the night..

Then, as those spikes seemed identical, i tried to calculate channel difference (CH1-CH2) and that gave even stranger results.. Lines with reasonable values give about +/- 0.0025 degree range for difference, but spikes had three (suspiciously doubling) levels of difference: ~51-52, ~102-104 and ~208, with only one random ~91 degree result.

That big spikes are easily filtered from results, but it looks bad at first sight.. I thought there was few thousand of those, but as i checked those spike-levels, i had only 208 (of ~28K) lines after sorting.

Actually my biggest question right now is, what happened in a middle of a night, when errors just disappeared?

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