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So slowly I can get used to the Mooshimeter yet. I have the quiescent current and the voltage of my car rerecorded. Now that I have after setting up the app finished on the iPhone has the Mooshimeter every 10 seconds. Just as it has been set. Only to incorrect data have crept in between when I have looked at the readings on the iPhone. Then constantly data was recorded. I hope the following functions in the Mooshimeter be integrated.
1. Data to be written only to the memory card when the logging function in the app is activated.
2. The data to be written only in the interval to the memory card is set in the app. Live display of measurements may not affect these intervals. If every 10 seconds is set then may also be written to the memory card only every 10 seconds measurements.
3. The date and time is to be written in a readable format by people on the memory card. For example, 08/02/2016 20: 45: 24,456.
4. The measured values ​​to be written into a decimal number and not as a scientific number on the memory card. I mean if I have a 12 Voltage Sign to be written on the memory card of value e.g. 12.4723. I mean that the value is written to the memory card as it appears in the app.
5. The log file should be loaded with Bluetooth via the app down without that Mooshimeter must be dismantled.
6. The two columns in which no values ​​should be written not be recorded on the memory card. I believe in the new firmware is already implemented.
7. An app for Mac OSX and Windows to analyze the CSV tables. The app will also represent large and long periods Graphically for evaluation. Excel is the fast to its limits. The graph function of Excel is not designed very well. The freeware program Ingos CSV viever is very good for it. I once added a screenshot of the program.

If the points are implemented is the recording of measured values ​​easily without much to format the CSV file.

Screenshot Ingos CSV Viewer