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Unfortunately I am having very poor battery life after several different sets of new, quality AA alkaline batteries (Duracell, etc.). For the last set I marked the install date (July 4th, 2016) and today they had to be replaced. I have used the meter briefly at most a few times during that interval.

I measured the active current (connected to the iOS app) at about 10 mA (average). Power is from a bench supply set for 3.0V. If I close the app (using the Back button) the current draw drops down to an average of 2.2 mA. The LED blinks rapidly every 2 seconds or so in this mode.

2+ mA with decent AA Alkalines would last about 30-40 days which matches my experience.

What’s up with my unit? It falls far short of the expected long battery life while it’s idle. Very annoying to change the batteries every month or so. Something is not right.

Appreciate any help you can provide. Thanks – Duncan