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Second day..

This time it was my fridge. Everything was just like with freezer yesterday. 10 second intervals (for laughs, even 10 mins would be enough for something that slow). In real life i was logging 22 hours, but only got ~two. And time started from zero, actually first line on log is “4.361”. Only last two lines had real timestamps (accurate for when i stopped logging).

Even weirder, as i did show my friend how little changes would show on a graph after about 10 hours of logging, with app at graph mode and it seems it has not affected anything, if values on a card are from first two hours that i attempted.. Or there was no logging at all for first ~10 hours and it started when i was demoing. And still there are those 2 lines with real timestamps at this morning.

Temperature data from last two lines do skip a little for internal temp, which may or may not tell that there was a (long?) pause between datapoints.. Thermocouple voltage seems to match perfectly.

So, what would it need to get mooshimeters clock to zero itself? And how much connection time with app it needs to sync again? After yesterdays freezer logging, i got memorycard out, copy+delete only logfile, card back in and set probe to fridge. Just remembered, that i did a graph demo to my dad also, as he happened to visit at just as i was setting things up. Does graph-mode do some harm to logging or timesync?

As for the math for thermocouples, i think i quit and go for pt100/1000 probes.. Just need to find one, i’m sure that i have some in very deep storage. I hope those are easier :D